Security from Germany for people worldwide.


We are an innovative German company that has been founded out of the LAHNER Academy in 2019.

Develop and produce specialized ballistic protection solutions with unique attributes.

Our training department teaches tactical concepts in extreme close ranges to authorities security personnel and military all over the world.

Since March 2022 our headquarter and production for ballistic materials and protection solutions is located in Hallbergmoos near Munich. Research and development as well as special production takes place in our location in Fuerth.


Our vision is simple but ambitious: LAHNER position itself as a worldwide operating innovative company for specialized ballistic protection solutions with unique attributes and services.

As and European but also global recognized company, we offer state-of-the-art custom tailored solutions as well as educations and trainings.

We achieved this claim by using modern technologies and the strive to perfection – we do not compromise on the quality of our products.


  • Custom specific product solutions instead of standard products.
  • Development, supply, and support of specialized ballistic protection solutions with unique attributes.
  • Conceptual design and manufacturing of special products for in the creation of electronics in a textile environment.
  • Services to even fulfill the highest of requirements.
  • In tactical concepts with that focus on extreme close quarters, tailored to the requirements of our customers.


Drawing from our experience in training and working with specialized and regular forces from law enforcement military and security all over the world, we develop new products to enhance the security and efficiency of end users.

In the last couple of years we concentrate more on bringing ballistic protection solutions to the next level. Here we developed breakthrough products.

In the field of special production, we work on realizing wishes of our customers, in close cooperation with them.

In the areas of automotive, textile, bags, suitcases, backpacks and clothing, we work on project as a manufacturing facility.

We modify existing models, as well as build from the ground up and implement electronics, communication and protection.


Florian Lahner, born 1974 in Fuerth. After working at the paramedic he studied human medicine and worked in emergency medical care as well as in the education of EMTs. He is training martial arts, self-defense, and defensive tactics. As a tactical instructor he teaches to military, police and special units all over the world for the last 15 years. In 2009 he founded the LAHNER Group GmbH and has been one of their managing directors since.

Role: Technical Managing Director
Responsible for:

Research and development of protection, combat and special products-
director of training

Other qualifications:

He holds several qualifications and certifications in the technical field as well as CQB and martial arts:

  • Anti Terrorism Officer (S2)
  • Terrorism Related Risk Management
  • Bomb Threat Management
  • Kidnapping in Terrorist Environment
  • Crisis Management/ Crisis Negotiation
  • Advanced Officer Survival
  • 3rd Degree Blackbelt Combative Tactical Systems
  • 2nd Degree Blackbelt Combat Arnis
  • 3rd Degree Blackbelt CSSD/SC
  • Black Belt in Defensive Tactical System 2. Dan Ju-Jutsu
  • Master within the WHFSC
  • Instructor Valencia System
  • Affiliate MBC
  • Edged Weapon Expert
Awards (excerpt):
  • World Head of Family Sokeship Council, Hall of Fame Award
  • Tactical Instructor of the Year 2005 – Tactical Knife – CQC
  • Tactical Instructor of the Year 2006 – CQC Tactics and Training
  • Tactical Instructor of the Year 2008 – CQC Edged Tool – Projectile Tool
  • Tactical Instructor of the Year 2009 – CQC Edged Tool – Projectile Tool
  • Blackbelt International HALL OF HONOR & SPIRITS- 2008
  • Instructor of the Year Award 2008 – “Tactical Instructor”
  • Continued Excellence in the Martial Arts 2009
  • International Instructor of the Year 2010
  • Weapon Instructor of the Year- 2011
  • Law Enforcement Instructor of the Year – 2012
  • Weapon Instructor of the Year 2015
  • Martial Hero Awards – Senior Master of the Year 2018
  • Munich Hall of Honor, 2019: Tactical Police Instructor of the Year
  • London Hall of Fame, 2019: Master of the Year
  • Munich Hall of Honours & Spirit, 2023: International Police Instructor of the Year
Rainer Kandler, born 1963 in Burglengenfeld. After his high school graduation, he served 9 years in the German Air Force. After his Business Administration Degree from the “Universität der Bundeswehr München” he served as Air Force Intelligence Officer. In 1993 he changed to ESG Elekroniksystem- und Logistik-GmbH becoming a sales- and contract manager for military and civil products and services. 2002 he was assigned as Commercial Managing Director and Contract Manager ESG for the project company SPELCO. He joined ATASS as Managing Director in spring 2012 and took on the same role at Lahner in 2023.
Role: Managing Director
Responsible for:
Research and development of protection, combat and special products- director of training
Further qualifications and licenses:
  • Military Professions:
    • Fire Control Officer German PATRIOT
    • German Air Force Intelligence Officer
  • Civil Professions:
    • Business Administration Degree
    • Controller’s Diplom of Controller Akademie AG
    • Legally trained in Export Control
  • Military Status:
    • Active (Reserve) at the Air force Officer Academy Fürstenfeldbruck , Germany
    • Military Rank: Lieutenant Colonel

Thomas Zöllinger, born 1989 in Munich. After he graduated his GCSE he successfully completed his apprenticeship as glazier in 2009. Afterwards he started continuing education at the GL – Spezialverglasung as European adhesive bonder (EAB) / European adhesive specialist (EAS) in 2011 due to the fact of being capable of competing within the limits of processing DIN 6701. He also gained profound experience in personnel Management and as a Shift Supervisor.

Role: Production Manager
Responsible for:
  • Production Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Human resources management-, machine and Material usage
  • Implementation of production due to deadlines/keep schedule and economical Standard
  • Intersection of development considering it during processing
Eileen Jelitko, born 1988 in Schongau. After her junior high school diploma, she completed successful in 2011 her education for a Sport- and Fitness Trainer. Till summer 2012 she increased her skill in administrative office work at e.on Bayern AG. Her childhood was close to drop zones, because of her father’s skydiving school. Therefore she is familiar with the organisation of skydiving events. Since July 2012, she has worked as a marketing and sales assistant at ATASS GmbH, a position she also took over at LAHNER in 2023.
Role: Marketing and Sales Assistant
Responsible for:
  • Exhibition Organization
    • Booking exhibition space
    • Design of the exhibition booth
    • Booth attendance during the exhibition
  • Support for Parachute Training (national/international)
    • Ground operations
    • Manifest
    • Office work
  • Advertising
    • Comparison of quotes
    • Design of promotional items
    • Order and inspection of promotional items
    • Stock monitoring
  • Part Number Database
    • Draw up new Part Numbers for the ATASS Part Number Database
    • Administration of the Database
  • Shipment of goods
  • Temporary replacement and support to the assistant of the management
Melanie Schmid was born in Munich in 1984. After graduating from secondary school, she successfully completed an apprenticeship as a retail saleswoman. She worked in this profession for many years, most recently at Munich Airport. Melanie has been part of thea ATASS-Team since May 2022, 2023 she took over this responsibility also for Lahner.
Role: Reception and Team Assistant
Sales and project-specific tasks:
  • Assisting to the preparation of offers
  • Maintaining the company address and contact database
  • Assistance in the implementation of projects
Administrative tasks:
  • Reception of our customers
  • Taking over the central telephone
  • Preparation and updating of reports and presentations
Commercial tasks:
  • Keeping the invoice receipt book
  • Preparation of payment orders
  • Preparation of outgoing invoices