K9 Guardian - Protective System for K9

The K9 is protected by nine ballistic armor elements. By combining different elements, the handler is able to adapt to any threat.

The vest is offered with the ballistic inserts 220 and 320 as a standard, but any other inserts are possible, as well as a combination of those.

When developing the vest, our focus was on maximum mobility, ergonomics and high performance of the K9. Agility and mobility are not compromised in any way.

Additional measures for active and passive cooling significantly enhance the performance and extend the K9 action time.

Optional elements such as an additional protective collar, MOLLE-adaptable carrying handles, anchoring points and a system for secure and comfortable abseiling complete the overall concept.

Weight: approx. 1.780 g bin size M and insert 220

S (shoulder height approx. 58 cm and weight approx. 25 kg)
M (shoulder height approx. 66 cm and weight approx. 33 kg)
L (shoulder height approx. 70cm and weight approx. 40 kg)

The following packages are available:

Extremely thin, extremely light, best option for deep cover and extremely covert use. One of the lightest ballistic protection solutions on the market.

Ballistic protection: VPAM2

Heightened protection against handgun caliber bullets, while staying very thin, extremely light, still good for covert use. Very good solutions for most cases.

Ballistic protection: VPAM3