The X-SCARF offers standard protection from dangerous items and weapons in the throat and neck area. Especially injuries of knives and blades are reduced greatly because of its high cut protection and puncture resistance. Because of its sophisticated design this cough looks just like a normal loop scarf and therefore can be easily worn in a covert operation.

Because of its unique 3D- design the protection does not shift even when moving the head rapidly. Because of Velcro in the back the size is adjustable. This also is a safety feature to ensure the user cannot be choked by its own scarf.

When putting it on or off, the scarf can easily be opened and therefore it doesn’t need to be pulled over the head. This is extremely helpful for users of goggles, helmets, earpieces or microphones, as well as easy on the hairstyle.

If needed separate ballistic package can be inserted, to protect against shots by handgun calibers, fragmentations and to level up the stab protection.

Weight of scarf: approx. 90g
Weight of ballistic insert: approx. 50g

The following packages are available:

Extremely thin, extremely light, best option for deep cover and extremely covert use. One of the lightest ballistic protection solutions on the market.

Ballistic protection: VPAM2
Heightened protection against handgun caliber bullets, while staying very thin, extremely light, still good for covert use. Very good solutions for most cases.

Ballistic protection: VPAM3
This package offers protection against fragmentation.

Fragmentation protection: according to STANAG 2920, 500 m/s