X-CARRIER - Modular protection system

The X-CARRIER is our compact light and modular protection system. It combines protection against blunt force trauma, stabs, cuts, fragmentation and ballistic threats in one unique system.

The user is perfectly protected against all kinds of threats when using the X-CARRIER. Being compact and flexible it can be easily stowed away in a vehicle or carried on the person. Here it can serve its purpose as a shield, a blanket, a plate carrier or a vest.

In addition, the X-CARRIER can be divided into two parts to protect two persons at the same time, or to be put in the doors of a vehicle. Because of its higher flexibility it’s also perfect for using it when tactically working on a rope and abseiling, as well as in confined spaces.

The X-CARRIER position in anti terrorism situations and specialized units using it for emergency arrests. But also in everyday use on duty the X-CARRIER it’s a perfect system, to protect against attacks with stabbing instruments, sharp or objects and land force trauma weapons.

Ballistic protection VPAM 3 / SK1
Weight: approx. 5 kg
Ballistic protection VPAM 6+
Weight: approx. 8,5 kg with optional plates
Stab protection: VPAM K2 (Blade, 40 Joule), VPAM D2 (Spike, 40 Joule)
Blunt force trauma protection: VPAM W4 (Cube, 65 Joule)
Fragmentation protection: STANAG 2920
Variations: MOLLE (Standard), Hook & Loop, Plain