X-CARRIER - Modular protection system

The X-CARRIER is a compact, lightweight and mobile protection unit. It uniquely combines impact, stab, cut, fragmentation and ballistic protection in one system.

With the X-CARRIER system, the user is optimally protected against all types of threats. As a compact, flexible package, it can be stored in any vehicle or carried on the person. It can be used as a shield, blanket, plate carrier or vest.

The two parts of the X-CARRIER can also be separated so that they can be shared between two people or inserted into the door panel of a vehicle, for example. Its high degree of flexibility makes it ideal for tactical work on ropes and in confined spaces.

The X-CARRIER is an ideal solution in anti-terror situations and should not be missing from any police vehicle. Bodyguards use this system for emergencies, and special units use it to secure themselves during emergency access.

However, the X-CARRIER is also ideally suited to fending off attacks with cutting and stabbing weapons far away from complex situations and is therefore suitable for everyday use.

Weight: approx. 5 kg / VPAM 6+ (8.5 kg)
Protection class: VPAM3/ SK1 + reference shots, VPAM up to 9 with optional plates
Stab protection: VPAM K2 (blade, 40 joules), VPAM D2 (spike, 40 joules)
Impact protection: VPAM W4 (cube, 65 joules)
Shrapnel protection: STANAG 2920
Variants: MOLLE (standard), Hook & Loop, Plain