Our training concepts.

We offer training and tactical concepts, education and lectures for police, security personnel, military, companies and others.

Besides our focus on hands on training we also offer classroom lectures and presentations. Here we teach antiterrorism relevant topics for companies and critical infrastructure, first responder trainings from protection of vulnerable entities to travel security and anti-kidnapping concepts for families and companies.

Our focus lies on the concepts for conflicts in extreme close ranges between zero to 5 metres.

One concept - all tools and weapon systems:

20% of all conflicts (even with firearms) happen in distances below 5m, most of those below 1m. And this distance most classical concepts fail. This is true for operations in urban environments, inside rooms and public transport. This is not only true for law enforcement but also for military engagements, due to modern operational environments. ZERO TO FIVE (0-5) Is that truly seamless system that covers all tools and weapon systems in one complete concept. The system is easy to learn, easy to integrate into existing concepts and stress resistant and flexible on duty.

We offer readily available modules but our trainings can be customized according to your wishes.

For example: Extreme close quarter shooting (ECQ- Shooting)

A big part of professional firearm usage happens in distances below 5m. Traditional firearm concepts often fail here.

In this training we work on the specifics of firearm usage in extreme close ranges.

We teach amongst other topics:

  • overview of the topic
  • disadvantages of traditional concepts
  • stance
  • modified draw stroke in extreme close ranges
  • modified shooting positions and platforms
  • retention position interface of firearm to other tools and empty hands
  • firearm against blades
  • firearm usage in ground fights
  • disarms
  • modified malfunction clearing in close ranges
  • shooting while under close range attack


Tactical Knife

In extreme situations your own plate can save your life. In situations where shooting is not possible, where you need to protect your own firearm, where your draw stroke of other weapons and tools is fouled, in tight spaces, to avoid endangering others…

Blades are able to resolve life threatening problems relatively easily and especially very quickly. Far away from Hollywood cliches we train the adequate, legally responsible and effective use of blades for self protection.

Amongst other topics we will cover:

  • Types of blades
  • carry options
  • draw stroke under stress
  • defence against knife attacks with your own blade
  • use of blades and realistic effects
  • follow up techniques
  • interface/ transition to other weapon systems and tools

Edged Weapon Awareness

Blades and other sharp and pointy weapons are extremely dangerous in close ranges. The use of a firearm alone does not lead to survival and success. In this training we take a realistic assessment of the danger and possible options at hand. In an overall concept we train ways to create a window of opportunity to draw a firearm as well as using the firearm especially against an attack with blades. Additionally we work on realistic options of an emergency disarm and integrated use of force with other tools. The training consists of practical lessons as well as a presentation on danger, injury mechanisms and consequences of attacks with stepping and cutting weapons.

Amongst others we cover:

  • danger of different weapons
  • overview over traditional blade defenses and their advantages and disadvantages
  • drawing while having contact with the attacker
  • drawing in confined spaces and close ranges
  • 1st defence against blades
  • management and control of the attack
  • emergency disarms
  • shooting in extreme close ranges
  • teamwork
  • first medical slef-care

Tactical Baton

The role of the tactical baton has changed. Based on the classical American telescopic baton training too many problems arise in real life.

We teach new concepts and solutions to utilize the tactical baton more effectively.

We teach amongst other topics:

  • Options openly and discreet
  • draw strokes with and without the attackers influence
  • Weapon retention
  • weapon transition
  • interface to other weapon systems and tools
  • drawing and opening under stress
  • bio mechanics
  • use of closed baton in close ranges
  • use of extended baton in close ranges
  • covert use of baton
  • effective takedowns
  • baton in ground fight
  • problems and solutions of baton against blades

Effective Takedown Concepts for duty

Typically on duty a takedown has to be achieved. In reality most of the techniques do not work or only are available when the enemy is inferior.

But there are concepts that help to bring the attacker to the ground reliably and repeatedly. It’s important to have a good understanding on how those techniques work.

In this training we look at successful strategies and work on a system of effective takedowns.

We teach amongst others:

  • realistic look at baseline principles
  • easy system of takedowns for duty
  • takedowns with and without use of force tools
  • team takedowns.