Specialized ballistic protection solutions for your security.

Are you looking for a company that produces innovative ballistic protection equipment for authorities, military and security personnel?

Then you choose to the right place!

We develop and produce our products exclusively in Germany and can also realize customer-specific special products and customized solutions for government users.

In addition, our training department trains Law Enforcement Units and military units in tactical concepts for the absolute close range.

What can we do for you?

Our product portfolio includes:

The X-TIVE, an extremely lightweight, thin, bullet-resistant T-shirt with only about 500 grams total weight.

The X-TECH DC, a particularly light, thin and extremely comfortable undergarment vest with a starting weight from 950 grams.

The X-TECH UE, a very light, thin and also very comfortable vest with a starting weight from 950 grams.

The X-CARRIER, a modular shield system that protects against bullets, stabbing, stich, cuts, hits and shrapnel in a single system.

The X-SCARF, a scarf that provides very reliable protection against dangerous injuries in the neck area.

The X-COLLAR, a collar that is less bulky but provides very reliable protection for the neck area.

Special production

In this area, we process customer requests that we realize as a team together with our customers.

We carry out orders as a manufacturing company in the automotive, textiles, bags, suitcases, rucksacks and accompaniment sectors.

We modify existing models, build from scratch, implement electronics, communication and protection.